Here’s a cool video of Scott Stapp singing the national anthem

That he sang the anthem at a NASCAR race is almost too appropriate. It’s almost as good as that song he wrote about the Florida Marlins, but at least in that one he sounds like Scott Stapp, rather than someone doing a parody of someone doing a parody of Scott Stapp’s voice.


To commemorate my first-ever fantasy football regular-season championship, I’m posting this gem of a beer commercial I found the other day. It’s an informative study on just how dated an ad from 2002 can look 10 years later, especially when much of that ad’s content—the glorification of concussion-inducing hits, terrible early-’00s post-grunge rock (is that you, Kid Rock?), and out-and-out misogyngy—is considerably less palatable today. This must be what my friends who don’t watch sports think about people who watch sports.